Bristle’s gert lush moi babber innum

23 Jun


Seems like ise discussin Bristolian a lot nowsadays like. Okay not sure I can keep this up in typed form, but was just reminded of my favourite Bristolian anecdote yesterday by Nicky. Her fiance, Ben, is American, and while travelling on a bus here he was subjected to a very loud conversation between two locals. He then leant over and whispered to Nicky: "What language is that?"

:o) heh heh. Gotta love it. It’s a psycholinguist’s dream. Let’s perform an experiment to see if anyone not native to glorious Bristol can interpret these phrases:

"Ark at ee!" (one of my faves)

"old ee fry ullee?" (this one completely stumped my brother-in-law)

"youm a roight cyclepaff!"

"churz drive!" (this occurs in a specific context)

"where’s ar muh to then?"

"I ain’t bin down Ikeal frages mind!"

All right, that’ll do. Answers on a postcard.. or a post. Churz – laters.


One Response to “Bristle’s gert lush moi babber innum”

  1. MelGeorge 27/06/2005 at 10:28 pm #

    Right I've had lots of verbal guesses, which shows that somebody must actually read this (though clearly no-one could be bothered to post their guesses, sort it out), so thought I should reveal the translations:"Ark at ee!" = you can talk! lit. "listen to you/he/she/it!""old ee fry ullee?" = please could you hold this for me? lit. "hold it for I will you?""youm a roight cyclepaff!" = you are a real psychopath"churz drive!" = thankyou, driver. (The traditional Bristolian salute given to a bus driver upon alighting.)"where's ar muh to then?" = where is my mother?"I ain't bin down Ikeal frages mind!" = I have not been to Ikea for a long time.Easy. How'd you do? If anyone would like to take up Bristolian as a third language, coaching is offered in all hairdressers in the city…

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