just a perfect day

2 Jul
I had a really nice day yesterday (thanks Lord!), Mister Thomas and I wandered around Bristol in the rain for most of the day (at least it was a representative visit, Si), appreciated the urban horror of Horfield and got lost on Brandon Hill. Simon subsequently made it to Spain only because he luckily happened to be wearing the pair of trousers that had his passport in the pocket… inept? noooo.. ;o)
Anyway I just about made it home in time to get to Na’s 21st, which was awesome! Thankyou and happy birthday again. The speeches were almost tear-jerking and made me think I need to be a better daughter… Her mum was quite right about "everyone loves Naomi" though. It was also fantastic to see some people I haven’t seen for far far too long, like Eli, Sar and Westi. And I’m so glad to have discovered the joy of post-ironic dance. No more need you worry if you can’t dance! Get rid of your shame! All you need to do is pick a theme and invent some rediculous dance moves! I think my favourite from last night was Sarah’s "watersports" selection, especially "the waterskier". Inspired. Though Ella, "the iron" clearly always had potential to be translated into dance. Ahh what fun. But I think I got the most enjoyment out of watching Westi dance – the only person I’ve seen thus far to do a do-si-do to a Queen song. It’s amazing how fast a room of Bristolians can descend into barndancing. But I can now completely imagine West larging it in the clubs in Southampton :o) I’ve missed you!!
Heehee! Bristol posse, there’s no-one I’d rather dance absurdly with.

One Response to “just a perfect day”

  1. Unilliterate_Simon 21/09/2005 at 10:28 pm #

    yes, yes that was me with the passport GENIUS. Remember, genius is only defined by what everyone else accepts it to be… for me, this is genius.Simon

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