Whatcha doing?

5 Jul
I’m getting bored. I think long-distance I-Spy has lost its appeal, so for our amusement, what is
a) the most random thing you’ve done so far this vac?
b) the most random thing you’ve learnt? (if anything, but you know what Scholar says, "vacations are for working!" Bah.)
I’ll start this off with
a) probably adjudicating the egg and spoon relay at my mum’s school sports day. Frome house won the sports day in the end, if you were wondering.
Although also, a couple of nights ago I dreamt that James was a giant turtle who had to rescue the other giant turtle he was betrothed to from some kind of labyrinthine zoo. Sorry James – I don’t know.
b) Richardson and Suinn (1972) estimate that 11% of university students show high enough levels of mathematics anxiety to be in need of counselling.

I maintain this is my problem, and if a dissertation weren’t stalking me, I’d be learning my times tables. Or getting some counselling.
Over to you.


One Response to “Whatcha doing?”

  1. David 06/07/2005 at 10:28 pm #

    a) Dancing with a man pretending to be a camp, Peruvian, air hostess on a trailer filled with hay, being towed along by a tractor on the way to the little-known Republic of Charcosuna.b) Satie wrote a piece for piano called 'Vexations' in 1893 that consists of a 52-beat passage that is to be repeated very softly and slowly 840 times, lasting about 18 hours. It was first performed in its entireity in 1963 by John Cage (who else??)

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