“X! X! X!”

12 Jul
So Nicky and I, and later Na, gatecrashed our old school sportsday today… Believe it or not, we thought this was the less geeky option than going into school to say hi to the teachers. And hey, it was 30 degrees, we had to be outside doing something. It was actually really cool to see so many teachers (friends?) that we hadn’t seen for 3 years – they were quite enthusiastic to see us and we set them off reminiscing about our whole year – Mr McPherson hasn’t left after all and said to send his greetings to anyone he knew… and then he talked about the intrinsic value of learning and how it is the essence of life or something, and lost me. Like old times. And aaah Mrs Clarke and Miss Wilson, neither of which are still called by those names! They’re great. They were all as horrified as we are to find that we’re 21 now.
So it was actually really nice! To those not in the know, in our day, the three school houses were abitrarily called X, Y and Z. What imagination. So there wasn’t a whole lot of house spirit. But now there are 4 houses with real names. It was a shame that we got there today and then weren’t able to stand on the sidelines shouting "X! X! X!". Though we did anyway. (At least we never had to shout "Y? Y?" hahaha, gutted Ys.) Strange to suddenly see the school from the poor teachers’ point of view though… it must be a nightmare! Being a grown-up is weird.
In other news, my mum has now beaten me at scrabble 3 times in a row. This begs the inescapable question: is university making me stupider?

One Response to ““X! X! X!””

  1. YourRoyalHighnessSar 16/11/2005 at 10:28 pm #

    i was a Y! And i'll have you know it was greatwe always came last, and we loved it!

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