les amo, mis hermanos…

17 Jul
It’s been a superb weekend. Getting about half the old Peru team back together was really worth doing, it was immense to catch up properly with people we haven’t seen for perhaps 18 months in some cases, and yet it seems like only a couple of weeks. Lots has happened, but there are some things that don’t change.
Awesome most of all to get together to worship and pray. I love that it is very, very easy and natural to do that with those hermanos. Thankyou, that was so valuable. And also to suddenly remember some Spanish classics we’d completely forgotten about, like the immortal "Ven, rio poderoso" with its mighty 3 key changes. Heehee!
So yeah, lots of reminiscence was had by all, and lots of looking forward too… it’s a bit weird to hear people being envious of me and Hayley going out there next week, cos it still doesn’t seem like it’s really going to happen, and is still a bit daunting in some ways… lots has changed there and we’ll be in a very different situation so it will definitely be weird. But also, hopefully, great in a whole new way. God knows what he’s doing. Please pray his will for our time there is resoundingly done. Sounds like just about everyone on the team will be paying Steve a visit next year though… What a convenient excuse he has provided for them :o)
The quine Hayley is here camped in the attic for the week now, and I’ve already learnt a new piece of Scottish vocab: "Scaffie mannie", meaning, obviously, "dustbin man". Going to Peru is all about learning Scottish, after all.

One Response to “les amo, mis hermanos…”

  1. Unilliterate_Simon 21/09/2005 at 10:28 pm #

    She's so pretty when she's excited… Well, I assume she is, I can't really see down there. It's all blurry. Top of her head is lovely though.Umm… I love Mel really, the meanness is just love.Happy Peruing.Magdalen rocksSx

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