5th week what?

10 Nov
What’s all this about 5th week blues? I am a new 5th week fan.
Thankyou Father for all this kindness. I was feeling rather down in 4th week, so He has very good timing (as always!) and I’d like to honour him for these blessings…
To start with I have no lectures, no tute, no lab and therefore no work to do that can’t wait :o) Spare time?? What’s that about?! I almost got bored on Saturday! The weekend was full of hearing amazing testimonies about things Jesus has done for people, putting the week off to a supreme start.
Monday was Simran’s birthday, which I think I enjoyed possibly more than him – finally made it into The Oxford Story, which was pretty funny, if not slightly scary to be told that we are supposed to be "the most able young people in Britain and the world".. err but can’t cross the road safely.. Poor world. Also completed two days running of pizza dinners.
Tuesday was all about leisurely reading, talking to lots of Peruvians, writing to far-away friends and pondering about next year.
Wednesday was Women’s dinner – 4 courses of amazingness, feeling very Oxfordian and getting to go in the MCR! Plus Fran’s birthday – though I did rather embarassingly fall asleep at her party (sorry – too much food).
Thursday (today) Sarah came to visit me for all of 3 hours from Southampton, but it was enough time to have High Tea in the Grand ;o) And great to see her – yay!
Friday already promises Psychology lunch in St Giles’ House. Yum yum yum.
Saturday my parents are arriving to take me for yet another swanky lunch, and –
Sunday is finally my actual birthday – but to be honest, I think I might adopt this whole week as honourary birthday time, it’s been quality!
So, sorry, but… I love 5th week!

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