8th week

28 Nov
8th week already.. how did this happen?
I’m very sad… because this leaves me with only 2 more terms of wonderful Oxford to enjoy – noooo!
But equally, although my work is very interesting, I have got to that stage where I just can’t be bothered to write one single essay more. Give me a break, Oxford. I suppose it is going to oblige soon. And when it does, I’ll moan. Can’t win really. I reckon the love/hate relationship with this place is probably rather common. Can you tell I’m a psychologist? Sorry.
Anyway, it doesn’t have to be this way – God provides the fuel to get to the end of term, and better still, to do so in a way that’s fun and honouring to him rather than just dragging my way through it, knackered and moaning. The latter is my fault – it’s daft to pray for something and then turn it down when it comes.
Will be here for 9th week anyway, so not heading back to the wild west just yet. The other thing is – when I do head home, hardly anyone’s going to be there! All these kids with Real Lives now.. London, Newcastle, Paris, Peru, America, (hospitals, sainsbury’s)… wow guys, it finally happened. I’m gonna miss you this Christmas.
There goes the term, then.
But for now, not feeling 8th weekish any more.. today I discovered that if you’re not careful there’s one easy step from watching Neighbours to huddling for warmth at a bus stop in the snow, in the dark, in a remote oxfordshire village and wondering if you actually will get home :o) Funny how that can be fun.

One Response to “8th week”

  1. Unilliterate_Simon 29/12/2005 at 10:28 pm #

    oh but it was )I blame enron…

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