Projects are pigs – discuss

7 Dec
The fuel prayer was answered, by the way, even though I didn’t deserve it (that’s grace!) – I don’t think I’ve ever been in such an utterly calm and happy mood while wading though the biggest essay crisis I’ve had for about a year :o)
So I’m here in 9th week, purportedly to do some project work. Hah. I’m scared that it’s Wednesday and I haven’t done half of what I need to really. A bit annoyed to find that I misunderstood the classification of my results so might have done it wrong, grrr. Spent the morning in the Bod, at last, having stack requested 2 years’ worth of "Metaphor and Symbol" in the hope that there might be something useful in there somewhere. There was at least 1 useful article; but in the 3 hours I was there I achieved little apart from drawing in some detail what I imagine the Stacks to look like in the margin. Photocopied said useful article, and spent the afternoon in Blackwells (as evidenced below) reminiscing about my childhood in the margin. Hmm.
Look, the problem with 9th week is that it feels like the holidays! Try and motivate yourself to work all day in that situation!
Having been amazingly well-fed all term, I think it’s quite telling that now Geoffnise, Sam and Dave have gone home, the diets of Jim and I have altered a little. So far we’ve managed an omelette sandwich, I’ve eaten a can of tuna (with some onion and a potato), and tonight we reached the heights of Toast. And for a while failed to work the toaster. If there was ever any debate about who the gourmets were this term, I think this clears it up.

One Response to “Projects are pigs – discuss”

  1. mel 25/04/2006 at 10:28 pm #

    I know it’s really sad to comment on my own blog but I was reminiscing and just remembered what actually happened with the toaster:
    "Hmm, the toast sits quite high up in this toaster, doesn’t it? Can that be right? It doesn’t seem to be working…
    … Oh wait, we need to press the thing down…"

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