Wha’s all them poncy wurrrds then?

10 Dec
Back in Bristol. Suddenly very very tired.. I think it’s the feeling that you are free to sit down on a sofa for an hour without feeling like you really ought to be doing something much more worthwhile.
Nothing much to say apart from I realised something I will miss about Oxford last week… walking up Longwall Street, past a 12th century city wall with arrow slits and everything, I passed two middle-aged people, and just caught one of them saying "…well, of course in 1756, the King revoked that verdict, and so…" 
I then proceded on to Broad Street, where in the shadow of the turrets of the ancient Bodleian Library, I passed two youths, one of whom said to his mate, "shall we meet at Nero’s?" His mate replied, "Yeah, is that equidistant?"
Now I don’t know about you, but where I live, quite apart from the turrets and the arrow-slits, there is no way you would pass anyone in the street using the word "equidistant".
Farewell fair Oxfordia.
Awlriiiiiiite Bristle?
But you know what, I loves it really my babbers, I does. Iss all about charrrrm, innit?
Keep in touch, dudes.

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