So long Debenhams!

13 Dec

Okay bit concerned about my seemingly increasing blog rate.. specially since I have no guarentee that anyone at all actually reads this.

But in case you were wondering.. Today I started my fantastic part-time job… fantastic mainly in that it’s not Debenhams, involves no customers, and doesn’t have an annoying or scary boss. Working for a friend from church who has a small business making braille and audio resources. So I spent part of the morning recording onto a tape, me, reading out the "Stockport Housing Residents’ Magasine". It’s stirring stuff. Sam – it mentioned Hazel Grove and I almost gave a little whoop. A bit alarmed to listen back to myself and hear the slight Bristolianess, I thought it was long gone… Then I typed up a chapter of Robinson Crusoe, going towards making the first braille translation, I believe. I actually want to know what happens in the next chapter… that’ll get me up tomorrow. Though it really is full of the worst kind of semi-colon abuse; neverending sentences galore. Not to criticise a classic.. ahem.

So yeah, a rather nice departure from my usual line of "your receipt’s in the bag" work. :o) Plus I’m working a total of 24 hours but get 2 hours’ holiday! Nice. No chocolate though, Dave.

I’ve also somehow been handed a leaflet-delivering job that will apparently pay me about £150 for 4 hours’ walking round Horfield and Lockleaze. Danger money, maybe.. Gonna split it with Na though. I need the protection ;o)

So thank the Lord, seriously, for not letting CHRISTMAS Debehams FM shatter my fragile sanity this vac!


2 Responses to “So long Debenhams!”

  1. davey_goldie 13/12/2005 at 10:27 pm #

    I did read it btw! What a job – fantastic! Not having to serve impatient customers must be great.

  2. MelGeorge 14/12/2005 at 10:27 pm #

    thankyou! The leaflet job wasn't all it cracked up to be though, we got over half of it done but 2 hours wandering round dodgy Upper Horfield at 13p per leaflet only yielded about £15 each due to a vast miscalculation on the publishers' part of how many houses there are… probably cos about half (really) of them are boarded up for demolition – or already demolished! Oh well, good excercise n nice to see Na…

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