7 Jan
I’ll put some new photos up when I get back to the turret, so for any sad people longing to know about the events of my life, here’s an explanation of them..
New Year was spent in a really nice retro way, with just 5 of us – the *faithful* Redland posse who didn’t abandon us for other places.. ahem. ;o) Think probably the only 5 people to have had a "bring a chair" new year’s party – in Leggy’s furnitureless basement. And there was me thinking we’d all never see each other again, now they’re people with Real Jobs. I begin to see now that that will probably never happen. Yay! So much junk food. Also found you are officially never too old to play the sleeping bag game…
Funnily enough, our favourite game, Square Dead Baby King, (oh my days Amy – the gorse!!) links new year with our Standard Seven road trip to Torquay. Very fun. Thankyou Jimbo. Having almost grown up there, I’ve still never been on Paignton beach when it’s quite that "bracing". Brrrrrrr!! Square Dead Baby King (or shall I rename it Bum Donkey Bum Donkey – or maybe Breams Within Dreams?) didn’t provide as much amusement as Taboo, actually. We will now all be saying: "Let me convey to you a little story.." and "there’s no smoke without something flaming and hot". And as Dave has mentioned, Denise followed the logical course of putting together the words "shire" and "horse" and coming out with "Horseshire". Knees – genius.
Ah – it’s been a weird few weeks really, God I think teaching me some hard and not very fun things – but today I am so amazingly grateful he gave me a big little brother called Stephen who can somehow still be there for me when 8,000 miles away, more effectively than anyone who lives next door. You’re a blessing, hermanito. Thank God.
… Horseshire… heh heh heh…

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