back in the day

7 Feb
I won’t tell you all about what temperature I reached or what I coughed up. Would be nice to be able to say "this week away from my studies has afforded me the time to think about the great issues of…." Well, it hasn’t. It’s afforded me the time to lie there like a zombie, cough and sleep. Had to get up the energy to watch TV, let alone to think about anything. One thing that did entertain me yesterday though, was that I found a long-lost relic – my folder of cartoons! Okay, I rather suspect that Nicky is the only person who reads this who will remember it. But well! Blast from the past. There was, for those who never had the dubious pleasure, a period of some years as a kid when I used to draw cartoon strips. Had a read through, and some of the Sheep Squad and most of Marlwood are the only ones I can now read without utter cringing embarassment. The Sheep Squad were sheep who were all named after supermarkets for some reason (like "Woolworths" – aha ha ha ha – yeah), and Marlwood addressed many of the pressing issues facing dogs in this day and age.. It’s a shame about all the Sonic the Hedgehog.. Most of the drawing’s not bad though considering I was about 9-11, and some depressingly better than I could do now. Heh heh. It turns out I wasn’t the world’s greatest wit though. Which is a shame, because at age 11 I was pretty convinced that I was. ;o)

2 Responses to “back in the day”

  1. Me 07/02/2006 at 10:27 pm #

    Mel forgot to mention "Lefty," who I believe was a postman. And a sparrow. She also neglected to mention the Lion King phase, which came later at about age 11. Both of us would sit in front of the tv for hours, the movie on pause, as we attempted to draw Simba. In fact I still do that sometimes…maybe Mel does too but I won’t embarrass her by asking.
    And thanks to Mel for teaching me, at the tender age of 8, that double thickness lines are the best.

  2. mel 10/02/2006 at 10:27 pm #

    double thickness… oh… my… days… your memory!!

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