what’s the opposite of work?

13 Feb
4 days ago I rejoiced at having actually started to write my dissertation. However, it has taken me the last 4 days to write 450 words. This does not bode well. Today I WILL work. Tomorrow my tutor is going to ring me, on Sam’s phone, from Canada, to discuss it. I have very little to discuss. This worries me a little.
In other news, Alice and I climbed the St Mary’s church tower and went "ooh" at views of Oxford like real tourists, if you couldn’t tell from the photos. Well worth going up there, actually. Oxford is soooo pretty. So that was fun, and that’s Ambition One for the term completed. (Sadly none of my Ambitions included writing a dissertation.) Also went to "Oxford Nature Reserve" with the Thomas twins, in the dark, where we saw some council estates, mud, something that could have been a rabbit or a bird, and were pursued by a circling police helicopter with a searchlight, clearly looking for some escaped convict within a few hundred metres of us. So that was rather alarming.
Oh dear it’s 5th week…

One Response to “what’s the opposite of work?”

  1. Simon 14/02/2006 at 10:27 pm #

    you make it all sound so worthless… that was the trip of a lifetime, and you won’t be finding nature like that on your back doorstep every day, let me tell you
    things are depressing when a townie isn’t impressed by the Oxford Nature Reserve (see how I stubbornly refuse to use inverted commas.) Seen anything on the news re:escaped criminal?

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