how to have a good half an hour with no money and without leaving home

21 Feb
Watch a hail storm from a tower, out of panoramic windows, while listening to Embrace. Watch the magpies on the roof beside you sit it out for a few minutes before flying off to find shelter. Hear giggling and look down to see a couple of people running through garden quad, covered in bits of ice but laughing about it. Smile, breathe, and have an attack of perspective. Know that you’re a little kid in a funny old big world, but know that a much bigger God is your dad.
That ought to do it.
:o) You know what, I have finally got to enjoying my silly metaphor project. It’s actually become slightly interesting. I know it’s hardly Nobel Prize material, but it amuses me. I love the David Dickinson Effect (and no, I don’t think I can get away with calling it that). But my tutor said my results were really quite interesting! woo! And I love that my 3rd year project, as a "scientist", has "diagrams" which are just bar charts with two different-coloured bars – heheehheeehee! Quality. Speaking of which I’ve somehow done nothing since lunch and ought to get this discussion finished. But yay and I’m definitely going to acknowledge all my "guinea pigs" – aha ha ha ha. See what I did there? Yeah…

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