25 Feb
There were lots of little bits I wanted to write, but now I can’t remember half of them and can’t express the rest of them coherently without writing an entire sermon or something and sounding entirely pretentious. In summary, I guess God’s been teaching me a lot about being sons not slaves. See most of Galations, and Romans 6-8ish, and some things from 1 Corinthians 8-10. He bought us (at a massive price) out of slavery to:
Sin (not being able to stop doing those things you hate) – which as a master pays us our wages of death
The principles of the world – which I think is amazing, as I believe it includes: slavery to keeping up your appearance, caring what people think about you, slavery to money, slavery to trying to do good things to make yourself a good person, slavery to having to go to meetings to please God. I’ve seen Christ buy people their freedom out of slavery from so many things, from depression to anger to heroin. And it includes slavery to my tutors, my parents’ expectations, and my own ego. :o) Yup, I don’t even belong to me. I found an amazing verse that says:
"You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men." (1 Cor 7:23)
This is what I was taught during my finals last year. Having been made free by God, I am under new management. I don’t work for anyone, not for my own pride, not for my boss, not for other peoples’ respect – I work for God. And that is soooo liberating. Because what he wants is integrity, not a first. You see, the amazing thing about him is that he doesn’t buy people out of slavery to all those things just to make them his own slaves and be to us like a big scary boss. That’s how a lot of people used to relate to God. But he buys our freedom and then adopts us as his legal sons, giving us, as Jesus said, a permanent place in the family. Coming to God through Christ (the Son) means coming as a son, not as a slave. It means calling the Almighty, Dad, and knowing him like that. Yes he is still the scarily perfect, holy, righteous God, but through Christ we relate to him in a different way – not as rebels he can’t look on, but as his own holy children. And that’s the way he wants it. And it’s a God like that I would choose to serve, and use my freedom for good things and to honour him, not to go back to all the rubbish. He doesn’t give us wages that we can earn by doing things, like the old master. He gives us an inheritance as sons, completely unearnt, one that just comes from our position in the family. Romans says this inheritance is eternal life. And as for doing things – by the Holy Spirit living in us, we start to grow up to look like our Dad :o) If we don’t, there’s something wrong.
Sometimes we seem to like slavery though. Me too. I often try to go back. We’re daft.
"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourself be burdened again by a yoke of slavery". (Galations 5:1)
Ooooh this is much more than I intended to write and probably incoherent. I don’t normally do this. But it’s been a source of great joy to me. As Braveheart so immortally said: "Freeeeeedoooooooooom!!" Or, maybe better, as Jesus said, "If the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed". (John 8:36)
As if to wink at me and say, "yeah, now you remember how to work for me, how much better is this than serving your fear and your tutor?", on Thursday I finished writing up my project. I wrote an abstract that’s not supposed to be more than 150 words. Word counted it – 149 words. Without trying. Then finished some random editing of the rest, which is supposed to be no more than 5000 words. Word counted it. 5000 words. Exactly. Without trying. That doesn’t happen. But is so so easy for him. It was a pat on the head and a wry smile that I’ve come to know. Ha. I ought to learn quicker.
Entirely irrelevantly, this cracked me up. Imagine a world without tea: 
1660 PEPYS Diary 28 Sept., I did send for a cup of tee (a China drink) of which I never had drank before.
Ahh. Bless you Pepys. Anyone for tee?
And if there were ever a day to stop the Oxford Animal Man, it’s today. Find a net.

One Response to “Freeeedoooooooom!”

  1. Me 26/02/2006 at 10:27 pm #

    No tee????? Thw world would end!

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