may your days bee merry and bright

9 Mar
Found another interesting procrastination activity – find out what your name actually means. Mine being mainly made up of random Greek vocab, it’s not too hard just to babelfish it.
My well-meaning mother is a bit of a classicist, which is quite blatently obvious by her daughter’s shameless collection of Greek and Latin names.
μέλισσα, melissa = bee (Greek, current vocab. What a daft name. At least it’s not Pig or something.) 
μέλι, (meli) being honey. Careful what you call me in Greece.
Hilary = merry/cheerful (Greek & Latin) – yeah, hope you enjoyed the Merry Term, guys. Shame, I thought it meant hilarious. Sigh.
Claire = clear/bright (Latin)
γεωργός, georgos = farmer. Ooo aarrrr good one for the westcountry.
Well, probably better to be a bright and merry bee farmer than some other things I could be. Maybe beekeeping is the career I should go into…
Please join me in this enlightening procrastination pursuit and let us all know how you should correctly and descriptively be addressed… :o) I’m not gonna answer to Honey, mind you.

One Response to “may your days bee merry and bright”

  1. Simon 14/03/2006 at 10:26 pm #

    Simon = one who listens…. or snub-nosed…
    Thomas = twin

    All in all, quite appropriate! Except for my abnormally large nose…

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