It’s quiet… too quiet…

13 Mar
9th week is funny when almost everyone has gone home… Still waiting to get my dissertation draft back so not a whole lot to do, which is great, I’m making the most of it before the deadline panic hits.
Fun end of term. In summary: Stan’s formal on Thursday with my completely bonkers but amazing cell group – still the best formal by far, even though they don’t have the mints with the collage crest on any more. Never before have I beheld such a mountain of prawns. Kate’s bday on Friday resulted in me attending, and yes Charlie, really quite enjoying the bop :o) Not sure I’ve ever stayed til the end before apart from when I used to go down at 12.55 in the 1st year just to say I’d been… Alice, the Tyrannosaurus dance was the key.
Slept til 1 on Saturday. Awesome. Made the long, cold but picturesque walk to the Trout for Geoff’s official birthday. James calculated that the Trout is good due to its high P-cubed value (that’s profiteroles per person). Randomly visited Oxford Bible Church with Tim on Sunday night (it’s in Headington) – the most friendly place I’ve ever been, in Britain! Sunday was cool in general. God is very big and very invincible.
Dave and I have just perambulated around the Botanic Gardens. And learnt that oranges can sometimes be green – even when ripe! Fact. We also learnt last week that all of the continents apart from Europe begin with A. This amazed us for a good half a day until someone pointed out that they all also END with A. Woww. Crazy.
Miss you all already. Especially Denise’s cooking.

One Response to “It’s quiet… too quiet…”

  1. mel 18/03/2006 at 10:26 pm #

    yeah, we all know that Geoff is the real mastermind behind the amazing cooking. But gotta keep Knees happy, Geoff. ;o)

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