Important news

23 Mar
The past two days have been high-octane in that they have included two notable firsts:
– The first time in Oxford I have been pecked by a duck, and
– The first time I have locked myself out of the kitchen.
The former was quite on purpose, just behind the knee, twice, in order to get my attention in the most hilarious feeding frenzy I’ve ever witnessed. Some day I’ll be the crazy old bird lady, laughing to myself at the ducks divebombing after a slice of bread, talking to them indignantly when they stand on my feet… Small children will stare.
The latter was unfortunately when there was a cake in the oven just about to burn. It resulted in 4 people in the dark, in too much of a hurry to call the porters, trying to use a paperclip to prise a key out of the other side of the lock, which wasn’t even there, as it turned out.
The cake survived.
Oh, okay, and it’s also been
– The first time I’ve finished writing a dissertation. :o) Hurray! Commencing, I suppose, the last time I will ever begin a uni holiday for the forseeable future…

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