Avon Gorge-ous

4 Apr
Home. Home? Not sure.
Also not sure why I was so joyous to be taking a couple of weeks off without even thinking about revision, because to be honest, I’m bored. This is sad. There’s no pleasing me, clearly. If there were some friends of mine in Bristol, of course, I would be less bored, but they have Jobs and not in Bristle neither. Either that or they’re in other countries.. ah well. First time this has really happened. Maybe I should fish out that novel. Mind you, however much I love Oxford, I still love the HILLS and cliffs and gorges here… ah, Oxford will never quite be perfect.
I was loving Alex’s 21st at the weekend, though :o) Thankyou – thank your Dad!! Oxford strikes. It was one of those "what am I doing here and how did I ever come to be invited to such an event?" moments, but well! I’d wager I’m the only person in Horfield to attend a black tie ball at someone’s house – but I’m not complaining, it was awesome and great fun… I’ll fish out some photos eventually. Happy birthday, I reckon you deserved the fuss.
When I got home, I then had the pleasure of watching the underdogs Oxford win the boat race, in the company of Tamsyn and Richard (my sis and bro-in-law), who both went to Cambridge. I don’t care about rowing. But you have to understand that any small victory over Tamsyn is a very rare and precious thing to be gloated about at all costs and harped on about for as long as possible, even if you don’t really care about it… heh heh

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