get lost

23 Apr
I like getting lost, and it’s become something of a hobby, being an integral part of road tripping… (many thanks to my tutor Simon :o) Recent such entertainment has been had getting lost between Covent Garden and Leicester Square, in the dark, in torrential rain, with a map of London in German and Dave "we’re not lost, we just don’t know where Leicester Square is" Goldsmith… and with Matt and his dog near Leeds, where we decided to walk from Bolton Percy to somewhere else with a stupid name and ended up in a very dull village with 2 farms and nothing else, found no open pubs, got very lost and had no lunch.
Think today was a bit too close to the mark, though. It was a stunning afternoon, so feeling in need of a walk/think/pray, headed to the uni parks… past the sunbathers, past the cricket matches and the picnicing spectators, past the pond, past the psycho ducks; went over that bridge and figured I’d never turned left before. Walked along by the river, assuming that sooner or later there had to be another bridge to get back onto the parks side again. Continued to walk. Relaxation and appreciation of natural beauty became tinged with a slight concern. Passed LMH. Got to the point where to turn back would have taken so long that I might as well just keep going. Climbed stiles, walked over logs. Eventually came out into "Wolfson college nature reserve". Hands up if you knew that was there. And then – a bridge! But, the bridge was barred by a padlocked gate. At that moment, three elderly people probably in their 70s came over from the other direction, and enthusiastically encouraged me to climb over. "We’re from India – we’re used to doing this all the time," they explained, promptly leaping over themselves. So, yet another trespassing experience ensued. Found myself in Wolfson college. Found this all quite funny. Then realised that I was quite lost in Wolfson college and couldn’t find the way out. Also realised I had to be back at college in 15 minutes in order to go somewhere. Hmm. Finally followed some signs to the lodge and found my way out, lost in north Oxford – somehow got to Banbury Road again and jogged all the way back. Well, most of the way.
But all that sun and absurdity left me with a big grin on my face :o)

One Response to “get lost”

  1. James M 25/04/2006 at 10:26 pm #

    Aha, so this explains the BA (Oxon) in Getting Lost…

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