the weirdest place on earth.

1 May
You’ve got to wonder where else a few thousand people would get up at 5 in the morning, in the rain, some doubtless coming from miles around, to stand in the street with umbrellas at dawn and listen to a choir sing for 10 minutes over a loudspeaker. Or where some of those would have stayed up the whole night, be dressed in black tie, and try their very hardest to throw themselves off a bridge into two feet of water even though the police were rather opposed to them doing so.
And all this in aid of that celebrated occasion of – Mayday!
Err… Weird weird weird.
What other townspeople wish each other "happy May"?!
The 6 hours between 5 and 11am this morning were in fact so darn weird that I might have just dreamt them. After the singing tower, we went back to Anna’s Magdalen digs for an immense fry-up, which eventually set off the fire alarm, evacuating us onto the High Street at about 7am – but still not getting Rich up. Proceded onto Teddy Hall, specially to see some morris dancers. As you do. They were eating breakfast in hall while singing to each other and playing the teatray. Eventually all these men and women in bells and hankys arrived in the quad to prance around and herald the start of the croquet season… Louise hit one on the head with a toy aeroplane. It all ended with Anna being absconded by the morris men, possibly forced into martimony, though we’re not sure about the ins and outs of that; it certainly ended in her being held aloft like some kind of morris man trophy and then kissed by all of them…
I really thought Oxford couldn’t get any weirder. Well, I stand corrected. It can still impress me.

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