29 May
A good Sunday in summer term:
Baptisms at church, followed by
a barbecue in the parks, followed by
a spontaneous punting trip, in ridiculous flood conditions, followed by
a picnic, followed by
a game of croquet, followed by
watching the Worst Witch.
:o) Not bad.
Haven’t fancied blogging for a little while, which doesn’t make much sense. So to elaborate on yesterday’s punting trip, it seemed like such a good idea until we got on the water and discovered that by rights all punting should have been blue-flagged. We were swept along by the current half of the way so that Rich and Oli only had to steer. Then going back upstream was a real effort. At this point we met some friends of Abi’s who yelled "Help!! We’ve been here for two hours and we just want to go home! This was not the relaxing afternoon out we were promised.." Hahaha. Oli then boarded one of their punts to rescue them and try to punt them back, but one of the girls in the other punt fell in. We were stuck in a tree for some time. Then we punted through one arch of Magdalen Bridge only to be swept back through the other. It took a lot of time and effort and everybody clinging to the wall and inching along by hand against the current to get back to the boathouse.
Don’t go punting after a week of rain.
Sim and I were sooooooo thrashed at croquet too. Despite cheating. Anyway, less whimsically, my schoolfriends are among some of the most AMAZING people on earth. Every now and then I realise that a few of the girls I grew up with really are still some of the best friends I have… and God willing, probably always will be. Same thing applies to Kate Andrewes, who I hadn’t seen or spoken to for a year, and yet who could still predict exactly what I was going to wear on Friday. I forgot just how well she knows me and vice versa. Scary, but comforting.
Now I reeeeally better do some of this "revision" malarky everyone’s talking about.

One Response to “Sunday”

  1. Unilliterate_Simon 31/05/2006 at 10:26 pm #

    twas my mother…Lorna and I greatly ‘enjoyed’ The Worst Witch. To quote Miss Shaddick: "The Pacifier looks like Casablanca in comparison"

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