The End, kinda

13 Jun
So there are a number of things I should probably mention. I should probably write an "I’ve finished my university degree" entry. Not sure what to say about that though. My overriding reaction has been "I’m quite tired". Plus a little depressed to now have no excuse not to think about what I’m going to do next. Decisions aren’t my strong point really, and no prizes for guessing whose constant sane advice I’m sorely missing… But fortunately, I already have a career: "Christian". And this career can be conducted at any time, in any place, in burger king or in the City – just as well in either. And that is rather cool :o) I’m realising more and more that following Christ is not so much about geography ("where should I go, what should I do?"), but about proximity to him ("how should I live?").
Wow. It has been an awesome three years in ways I would never have expected. And I know I’ve learnt more than I realise. It’s funny to contrast my fresher’s week "get me out of here" feeling with my "I don’t want to leave!" feeling this year. So many things amuse me in hindsight… But I’d have gone straight home if it weren’t for God. And I remember writing in the first couple of weeks, when I found the Lord was so blatently there for me and doing great things, "wherever I go, you have already been".. and I know for sure that will still be the case wherever I end up. 
So with this bizarre freedom I’ve slept a lot, played a lot of croquet, sat around in the garden/parks lots n got sunburnt – oh and had church in the middle of Broad Street which was immense! Worn sub fusc to watch someone else do an exam, which was a unique experience (Dave). Also eaten quite a lot of strawberries and thrown a lot of glitter over people. I knew throwing flour at Matt the other week was a mistake because he got me back with a very sly surprise attack with powdered milk – beautiful.
So that’s finals, and the most emotionally intense month/term of my life – with special thanks for general awesomeness over the last month going out to: Matt Roberts, Hannah Eades, Mum and Dad, Simon Thomas, Jonny Vaughan, my cell group, Kate Andrewes, Westi Weston, Naomi Owen and the Bristol posse, Nicky Muirhead, Denise Weller and all the Standard Seven. (And the innumerable others who’ve proven their care.) Thankyou.

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