now for something completely different

17 Jun
Oxford has many idiosyncracies, but they can be bizarre in completely different ways. This week we had Denise’s hen day, which involved dressing as pirates and hitting the river. And lunch. And eating lots of chocolate – sorry, treasure.. And singing sea shanties and talking in pirate vocabulary. Yarrr. It was a lot of fun. We passed lots of first year engineers doing surveying in the parks, who told us to shiver our timbers. Some people really have no sense of humour though. We passed a punt of girls, shouted "AVAST!" and shot them with water pistols, but they just gave us a scathing look and punted on past. Honestly.
In contrast, had Schools Dinner last night (which is where everyone in your year doing your subject at your college has an obscene 5 course dinner for free..). Which was also a lot of fun. I shall miss the St John’s psychos… It’s not something you do every day though – after eating quails’ eggs, a whole lobster, beef, and banoffee tart (with rose petal icecream), plus champagne and 4 other types of priceless wine, it is customary to take a stroll around the gardens, and to try to set fire to a particularly flammable type of bush. After this exertion you then have to try and force down a fruit course, chocolates, dessert wine, port, and then retire to the roof terrace for coffee, chocolates and more wine. We all declined the wine at that stage. I’m not sure I’ve ever less wanted to eat anything ever again. But it’s possibly the last really Oxfordy thing we’ll do, and very nostalgic to see our little psycho posse all grown up and finished.. I still remember those Friday stats parties in Staircase 2… By 1am we were all falling asleep on the sofas so took ourselves home to bed.
But I somehow got up at 8 this morning to go and FINALLY climb Magdalen tower! :o) Wahoo! I’m glad I gatecrashed Magdalen CU, it was really special. As are they. And as is Oxford, in its bizarre little ways.

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