18 Jun
One of the weirdest things I’ve seen in a long time occurred last night on Port Meadow. A group of men dressed in white T-shirts had been standing in a huddle for over an hour, and we wondered what on earth they were doing, wondering if they were some kind of cult, or pehaps scientologists…. So as we were leaving some of the guys decided to march over there and ask them who they were. But as they approached, the blokes in white T-shirts suddenly took flight like a group of startled wilderbeast, shouting "Herd! Herd!" and running for their lives. My friends then, inexplicably, decided to chase them. So unfolded the bizarre scenario of a bunch of students chasing a bunch of strangers across the wide open plains of Port Meadow.
They turned out to be a drinking society. Why they fled is beyond me, as is why my friends took it into their heads to chase them down – the guys said it was "primeval hunting instinct" and went on about how well they worked as a pack, when it came down to it. Yes, guys….

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