pinch me?

26 Jun
I believe I’ve already whined about leaving uni and how odd, exciting and very sad it is, so I won’t do so again. Though seeing people leave forever the last few days was quite hard. :o(
But coming back to Bristol, I have been hit with a wave of normality, and by how normal the way of life here is and the people I know, and what they do, and it’s all very relaxing in a way that makes Oxford seem like this daunting place of intense activity and stress. Well, it is I suppose! More than that though, being on Filton Avenue I have been seriously made to wonder if a place like Oxford can really exist in this universe – in the same country as Bristol… Seriously. It seems like some extremely bizarre dream, and a place that by rights really shouldn’t be real.
When you’re dozing off on the sofa in front of the TV, listening to the traffic and Bristolian voices outside coming back from the pub, you have to wonder how it is that a couple of days ago you thought that people covered in flour, wearing full academic dress and riding their bikes was a perfectly normal sight to see.
Maybe this is the tiredness talking. I suppose that right now my bed is the most appealing place in the world.
Unemployed, of no fixed abode, and with no immediate plans at all. Currently, I’m loving that :o)

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