it’s a small world, so I’m told.

28 Jun
Actually, I’ve just realised I forgot to mention something very very odd and funny that happened in the last week in Oxford. Mr Thomas and I wanted a last road trip, so headed out east to an obscure village where Leggy lived when she was 6, called Horton Cum Studley. There was no bus route, so we bussed as far as we could and then walked 2.5 miles. A satifactory trip by all accounts – we got cold (and rained-on), hungry, trespassed (prowling round what we guessed to be Leggy’s old house to take a photo), and had lunch at 3pm in an exclusive golf club, amongst lots of posh old men in those golfing jumpers. That was pretty funny, but I think the highlight was, as Sim said, the "impromptu school reunion". Walking between two random villages in Oxfordshire, a removals van stopped to ask us directions. The two guys in the cab, looking rather sheepish, were two guys from Simon’s year at his school in Worcestershire.
How does that happen?!
AND we managed to give them directions. Perhaps even weirder.

One Response to “it’s a small world, so I’m told.”

  1. Unilliterate_Simon 26/02/2007 at 10:26 pm #

    Good times…Yup, I should definitely be thesising when I’ve started reading the archives on your blog.

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