London baby!

24 Jul
Not content with paddling in the dirty, dirty "sea" at Weston-Super-Mare, I went to London this weekend, for to visit the wonderful Miss Becky "Brixton" Stokes, with Misses Hannah "Saaaff-East" Eades and Mari "Valleys" McNeill. I applaud Becky for doing what Hannah and I never ever managed – getting half of cell to meet up outside Oxford. Yeah, we were friends – but we were darn lazy. Anyway, I think it was notable mainly for the look of sheer insane excitment in Mari’s little Welsh eyes at being in London.
"Are we going to see the Queen?!" Well no, but we had to walk all the way to the Palace in the rain just so she could look at it. She laughed at every normal street name, and loudly squealed on a tour boat: "Is that Tower Bridge?! AAAAAAARGHHH!!" In fact she squealed a lot. Tourists stared. But bless her, we love her. It would have been normal without her. 
We walked a LOT. They went on a mission to dress me for the wedding in Covent Garden. And apparently it was about 45 degrees on the underground. Mmmmm. It was really weird being in London though, full of people, very rude people, all dashing everywhere (though few faster than Hannah and Becky), and big tall buildings and loads of mental traffic… together with the weather and plenty of Spanish tourists, I had real flashbacks of being in Lima.
Still unemployed. Still going to interviews.

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