27 Jul
I got a job yesterday, hurray! Basically being the office monkey for some medical professors in the University. Tis in Headington, which is frightfully convenient, and better paid than the job I didn’t get. And all the people there were so nice and laid-back. God knows. So I’ll start that on the 22nd August, and sleep on the sofa at Bulan Road for a week… And OCC stuff starts officially in September at some point. Anyway it’s sooo nice to have that sorted – now pretty much everything I can sort is sorted out, so I can actually relax, and maybe go on holiday.. So thank God for knowing better than me, as usual :o)
I have to mention the glorious Bulan Road posse. Seriously, I am actually really looking forward to living there with the lovely Lou and Becky, and of course mystery housemate number 4. If you’d like to BE mystery housemate number 4, do let us know. As I speak, the hideous bathroom wallpaper is disappearing underneath magnolia. Good work, Lou. Especially looking forward to a Fridge Poetry Slam.

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