Eyes To See

2 Aug
Na and I overcame our fear of scary rollercoasters yesterday, wahey. "Wooo not aaargh" was the key…
Eyes to see what is really going on here. A phrase that has followed me the past months.
Have been reading some C.S.Lewis – no he didn’t just write Narnia. He was a devout atheist for most of his life, became a Christian while a professor at Oxford, and wrote a whole ton of beautiful and hardcore philosophically brainy books. Anyway, "Miracles" is an exploration of the relationship between Nature and Spirit… As well as brilliantly likening us to "erudite limpets", it’s rather magnificent. He has this to say about why a lot of people, particularly in our "modern" western society, don’t believe in the supernatural. Think it’s pretty cool:
"The unusual event is perfectly permissible if it is what you are really writing about. It is an artistic crime if you simply drag it in by the heels to get yourself out of a hole. The ghost story is a legitimate form of art; but you must not bring a ghost into an ordinary novel to get over a difficulty in the plot. Now there is no doubt that a great deal of the modern objection to miracles is that they are marvels of the wrong sort; that a story of a certain kind (Nature) is arbitrarily interfered with, to get the characters out of a difficulty, by events that do not really belong to that kind of story. Some people probably think of the Resurrection as a desperate last moment expedient to save the Hero from a situation which had got out of the Author’s control.
The reader may set his mind at rest. If I thought miracles were like that, I should not believe in them. If they have occurred, they have occurred because they are the very things this universal story is about. They are not exceptions (however rarely they occur) nor irrelevanices. They are precisely those chapters in this great story on which the plot turns. Death and Resurrection are what the story is about; and had we but eyes to see it, this has been hinted on every page, met us, in some disguise, at every turn, and even been muttered in conversations between such minor characters (if they are minor characters) as the vegetables. If you have hitherto disbelieved in miracles, it is worth pausing a moment to consider whether this is not chiefly because you thought you had discovered what the story was really about? – that atoms, and time and space and economics and politics were the main plot? And is it certain you were right?"

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