8 Aug
I’m sure nobody is desperately wondering what I’m doing, but anyway. While everyone with antlers was at Geoff’s stag day, I went to Reading this weekend to visit my sister and brother-in-law and to be called "Smelly Melly" for a few days. Joys. Richard was ill. Tamsyn beat me at scrabble for perhaps the 978th time – still yet to beat her EVER in my entire life. But some day… At least the cat was nice to me. Dimmest cat in the world – she still goes through the cat flap when the door is standing open. Bless.
Was amused by helping Tams with Sunday school, and singing for the first time (not without cracking up) that Hannah Eades favourite:
"It’s great great, brill brill, wicked wicked, skill skill, to have a friend like Jesus."
Now, I’m certainly not debating the truth of that – it is, and some. But has anyone used the word "skill" in that context for the last ten years? Ahh… remember being 10 and saying "yeah! That was skill!"? Even at the time I realised it didn’t make any sense.
Anyway it’s bad to become too pedantic and cynical. I remember coming home from Oxford at the end of Hilary and the kids in my church here singing this awesome song called "God loves me – wahey!" And you know, sometimes that’s what all the orthodox theology and intellectualism of Oxford could really do with.
Tams and Richard affirmed my fears that I am starting to look a bit like mum. Not a bad thing, it’s just that I never have before… Went to Oxford from there, to talk to OCC about the year team. And sounds really exciting :o) Though clearly, pretty hardcore and rather scary! They gave me a reading list… Yeah, there will be essays. Back to the books. Kipped on Natasha’s floor, and satisfied my Royal Oak/bar billiards craving. Twas fun. And it’s much cheaper to get from Bristol to Reading by buying a Bristol-Oxford return ticket and buying an extra bit for £3 at Didcot. Just so you know.
God loves me – wahey!

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