ch – ch – changes

24 Aug
A lot of things have happened. Almost everything that can change has changed. But I’ve only just got to writing an update because I’ve spent the last hour or so wrestling with Lou’s computer and router to be able to get on the internet. Now I am having a self-congratulatory cup of tea and putting my feet up having proven my geekiness by finally making it work, while my housemates are out at their homegroup.
So. Firstly, here’s to Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Rayner. I’m not sure what to say about the wedding… it’s more the whole marriage thing which is wonderful and surreal and scary and amazing. I couldn’t wipe the innane grin off my face the whole way through the service. Geoff was almost as calm as ever, even though he didn’t know how to do up his cravat. Knees managed not to giggle during the vows. Great hymns. Great speeches. Great friends. Great God.
Having the ushers and Fran (and, in the end, Alice and nearly Chris) staying for the weekend was also great fun. All looked very dapper in their tails, bless them. They ushed slightly officiously, but effectively by all accounts ;o) I was glad to experience Casserole the sheep’s passing with them – and strangely will now always remember that wedding weekend in conjunction with the Milky Bar Kid, Dracula, and Rupert Bear. I was pleased not to fall off my shoes on the way to do the readings, but probably outdid myself in shame by later climbing onto a pool table to take a shot I was too short to reach otherwise… and still missing it. Also in that pub (my local turning out to be the CAMRA pub of the year, unbeknown to me), we were discussing west country accents, when a guy came out into the beer garden and said:
"What be goin on ere then?"
Now, this is a perfectly ordinary question in Bristol – but Fran, feeling that she somehow had to try and speak the native language, replied:
I was rather embarassed until the gentleman replied:
Hmm. Fran, we’re not pirates. At least, I didn’t think so…
Anyway, I far too speedily ended up in Oxford, moving in to my first proper address. Bulan Road is thus far pretty cool. Lou and Becky both enjoy cooking chocolate cake/brownies, which is fine by me. The washing up in this place materialises constantly from another dimension, but apart from that I have no complaints. I spent the first night here taking the Myers-Briggs personality test with my housemates and someone who is thinking of moving in. I’m assured this isn’t normal screening procedure.
I have been getting unwelcome exercise and very wet by cycling around, once in a storm so fierce that Caroline had to lend me a change of clothes when I arrived at her house. It’s annoying that mum was right about the waterproof trousers. It only took me about 20 minutes to work out how to use my bike lock the first time, honest.
So, I have also now had 2 days in my new job which calls me Melissa George, Administrative Assistant, Department of Primary Health Care. My name is on the office door and everything, which I share with my South African "line manager" and a skeleton in a baseball cap. I have to laugh. You know me. You know I am about as far as you can get from a naturally organised person. I am not Matt Finn. So my job is to organise 3 other people’s lives for them. Currently I feel like I have just about grasped how to use the printer, and am staring up at a pile of a billion other tasks that it seems like I will never remember or understand how to do. But I guess I will eventually, and everyone is being incredibly patient and nice to me. Today I spent a good hour trying to log onto my computer as my boss so that I could email myself an email from my predecessor contaning the email addresses of a load of people I needed to email and invite to a dinner, but my email address wouldn’t work so that I had to go through this whole process 3 times – and in the end it turned out that instead of doing that I could just have downloaded all their addresses from an address book on the network in about 2 seconds. Live and learn. An awful lot, I think.
Still, I have a university card. I get to wield power over Weblearn! Ha! And it’s kind of cool that according to my contract I am "employed by the Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Oxford".
Hello world. I ain’t so old or so clever any more. Thankfully :o)

One Response to “ch – ch – changes”

  1. Leon Harrington 24/08/2006 at 10:25 pm #

    So your contract means that I am one of your employers…? Hee hee!
    Leon (Scholar) ;)

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