Goodness me

29 Aug
2 things have amazed me in the last couple of days.
1) We took a road trip to the beach (from very landlocked Oxford) on a bank holiday monday, in cars. Number one stupid thing to do, you would think, since the laws of the universe clearly state that on a bank holiday, every Englishman, wife and child will also be heading for the beach in a car, thus causing immense gridlock, and that once they get there it will be cold, windy and very very rainy, ensuring that they have a miserable time, drop their towels while trying to get dressed behind them on the beach, get sand in their sandwiches, sit there under umbrellas for a while and finally return home grumbling after 10 hours stuck in the car. But actually, there was very little traffic on the roads until we were quite near Bournemouth, and it was so sunny that we sunbathed on the beach all afternoon, ate icecream and even ventured into the sea! Plus Abi’s mother decided to cook us all dinner in Basingstoke. If I were to be properly British, I would complain that sunny bank holiday mondays are simply not cricket.
2) I really stupidly left my bike helmet somewhere or other on Sunday. It wasn’t in Pizza Hut. I figured I’d therefore lost it forever – already. But this morning, I went into town to go and rescue my bike, and lo and behold, my helmet was dangling from my handlebars, having spent two nights in full view at Carfax without getting nicked. My faith in humanity is slightly restored by this – that or my faith in God looking after me and answering what seem like the smallest prayers. :o)

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