2:30 – 3:00: Faff.

7 Sep
A whole week of September has passed already… This week I have been mainly quietly beavering away in my office and loudly praying with people. Have had several clashes with my Arch Nemesis the A3 printer, usually ending in my ranting at / pleading with the inanimate object in Spanish. My office mate is away this week so it’s been just me and the skeleton. Been good to have some quality time together.
Was almost as good to have some quality time with miss Westi Weston at the weekend. It’s really quite incredible to think that 11 years on, we can still be driving up the M1 together… I won’t get too emtional about this, but it’s another big example of the amazing grace God is throwing at me all the time at the mo. Together with my very easily worked out job (with perfect timing), house, and fantastic housemates. I feel like he is saying "hey, sit down for a minute, Mel, I’ll sort all this out." He knows I need I’ll need an extra hand for a while.
So West and I went to Nottingham for the evening, to see Eli in her old woman, frilly-lampshaded house. After also seeing Nottingham Castle, the Lace Museum, and failing to find a nature reserve. We ate pizza, prayed together, and then came back again. :o) Awesome!
Also went to St Giles Fair on Tuesday night. I’ve never been here at this time of year before, and I don’t know whose clever idea it was to put a giant funfair on the busiest road through Oxford, thus further annoying all the traffic that can’t get down the High Street either (about the only 2 roads that aren’t pedestrianised in central Oxford). Anyway, it was quite impressive, we rode some dodgems and ate some candy floss, and the sight of all that just outside St Johns’ front door was very surreal. I quite like the Lamb & Flag through the dodgems picture.
Supposedly, this is my first Year Team week. Have had a tutorial (!) and actually met the leadership team who I know shockingly few of… But was v cool to chat to all of them and have them pray us in, as it were. We’re keeping time sheets this week to see what we actually do with every half hour of the day… Realising that this is another half hour I’m going to have to label "faff", I’d better skedaddle and write my hermaneutics essay.

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