You know you’re a grown-up when…

13 Sep
… one of the most exciting discoveries of your week is that you can get tinned chopped tomatoes with chilli.
An alarming proportion of my past week has been spent washing up, and picking up the apple harvest. Apple crumble, apple pie, giving apples to married people and to people who make gross hedgerow wine has still not got rid of them all. My Londoner housemates seem to think that because I come from the West Country I automatically know how to make cider. Maybe I’ll get my combine harvester out of the shed and everything.
Other exciting things have included finding the gorgeous Shotover Country Park on the doorstep, riding my bike back down the insane hill from there, welcoming Hannah (who’s moving in just around the corner) to My House, the A3 printer getting fixed, learning lots of very fascinating things having bought a study Bible, Alice bringing me back from India a "no life without wife" keyring, reading in Blackwells again (hurray!), and about a million times more exciting than even the tinned tomatoes and chilli, Christ in all His glory. Bowled Over.

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