Am I cool yet?

4 Oct
So today I got really excited, to the extent of actually going "wooooww", by finding out that the photocopier can convert 1 sided copies into 2 sided copies at the mere touch of a button.
Come on, that’s pretty clever.
Perhaps this shows that apart from that it was a rather quiet day. I voluntarily tidied the office for something to do. Am I changing beyond all recognition? Was this what you had in mind when you prayed for the gift of administration, guys? (you know who you are..) Actually, that’s balanced by the fact that today I sat through half of a departmental meeting before realising that I probably ought to have been taking the minutes. That’ll be fun to explain when people want some minutes next week. Oh well.
Well there have been at least two mildly amusing incidents from the world of admin the last couple of days actually. Trying to phone a caterer, I got the internal number a bit wrong and accidentally phoned a consultant surgeon instead. She sounded sooooooo unamused. Really.
Also today received a letter addressed to "Mr. D. Healthandprim". I think I’ve heard of him. I think his first name is "Department". That is why computers will never quite replace human beings. But it was good for a laugh. 
The world of admin seems quite a long way away from a Sunday night spent taking 40 teenagers out onto the streets of Oxford give food to homeless folk and give prophetic singagrams to passing students. It is the same world, though. Eyes to see what’s really going on beneath every situation, that’s what’s needed, not be taken in by appearances.
And some common sense to organise a week that doesn’t end up too busy to even say hi to a friend. But that’s for a less whimsical moment…

One Response to “Am I cool yet?”

  1. MrTimUk 06/10/2006 at 10:25 pm #

    Awsome stuff :o) A day in the life of sideshow mel is never dull!
    God bless,

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