Jack Straw

15 Oct
The wonderful Jim The Uke Edwards-Smallbone has been being our 4th housemate for the past week or so.
He’s done a sterling job of being the token bloke of Bulan Road by doing lots of cleaning, watching "Loose Women", and doing some sewing in front of Jane Eyre.
I think, on balance, the house has got less blokey.
Will stop mocking him now, it’s been reeeally good (and hygenic) to have him here for a bit, Oxford’s been quiet and less full of giggling without him – and we’ve added to our list of amusing mental images: "Jack Straw" – the scary man who comes round and puts straw through your windows at night if you’re naughty. Well, that’s what his name has always made me imagine… Is that just me?
My mum also said over the summer: "I’m surprised nobody has ever called him ‘James Edwards-Scissorhands’.." :o) Ah, she has her moments of wit! Guys – we have to capitalise on this. It’s not too late.

2 Responses to “Jack Straw”

  1. James Edwards-Smallbone 17/10/2006 at 10:25 pm #

    To be fair to myself, I did try sewing the trousers whilst I was still wearing them – that has to count for something!

  2. Simon 21/10/2006 at 10:25 pm #

    Loose Women is good!I think my burliness will sway this debate.

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