a ramble through the week

21 Oct
On Wednesday morning when I woke up I had a very hard time persuading myself that it was Wednesday and I did not, therefore, need to get up to go to work. Eventually, having checked my diary, I went back to bed.
On Thursday morning, my alarm clock ran out of batteries before it went off. I woke up at 8:40 – the time I am usually putting on my shoes to go out of the door. I’ve never got up so fast in my life. And was only 5 minutes late. Nobody even noticed until I told them and they laughed at me.
A perk of taking minutes is that occasionally you get invited to have dinner with a load of academics in a Gordon Ramsey restaurant. I’m rather hoping they’re going to pay, but that’ll be nice :o)
Have had a rather cool week really, apart from the not waking up on the appropriate day thing. If you’d like some idea of what my weeks generally involve apart from admin… Had a random expedition to Botley on Monday night to see if anyone begs there rather than in town. The answer was no. But had some good chats with people in town when we got back, briefly. Let the yoof have a spectacular tickle-fight in our lounge on Tuesday. Watched the Aristocats with James and housemates, which I hadn’t seen before. Quality bit of film there. Prayer walked round Cowley on Weds. Edited the church notice sheet on Thursday. Yes, vital. Then ate some very good fish and chips from the "Tasty House" round the corner, with the Standard Seven Minus One… ahhhh like old times, more or less. Said au revoir to James, who bought us a truly hideous pink fluffy cushion as an appropriately girly goodbye. Received the first anonymous envelope of money through the post on Friday morning. The kind of thing you hear of happening to amazing missionaries in books, and which Lou and I joked about happening when I decided to move in against all sound economic advice… Joined a surprise birthday curry for Scouse Jim, who was "caught out for the first time in his life", which was great :o) Persuaded a bunch of people to go to the Royal Oak just so I could play bar billiards, only to discover upon finally getting there that the bar billards is broken!! Rubbish! Walked a very picturesque if muddy route to Cumnor to eat lunch in the Vine today, which turned out to be the very pub in which Mr Thomas and I took refuge from the snow and the dark when there were no buses home, back in December on that first of many road trips… It looked different in daylight and without frostbite or the sweet relief of having run away from an essay crisis. And had a good time this evening when we finally had a proper chance to pray about all this street stuff, and Oxford, and us.
And now I must go to bed.

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