25 Oct
…is not the biggest noise in all Oxfordshire. It’s not on most maps, in fact. Not even at the Kidlington Tourist Information Centre. Good thing that no good road trip involves a map.
I’d say in summary, Thrupp might be struggling to offer a full day of fun for all the family. However, if your family like canals quite a lot, can get 6 hours of fun from walking around and around one field and through some stinging nettles, and aren’t averse to falling into a bog or two, then yeah, take your caravan.
Lost? Yeah, never found the church or the burnt down manor house. The reason those impassable paths were so impassable is that they weren’t paths.
Cold? Oh yeah.
Wet? Feet, really quite. Though I’ve had worse.
Trespassed? Well, not really, we debated for a very long time whether or not to blatently trespass across a field in full view of the farmers who were leaning on the opposite gate with their sheepdogs, but predictably chickened out.
Met incredulous locals? We were the only people in the pub under 60 and without beards for a while. But I think they’ve had tourists before…
Rather beautiful place though. Maybe canal boating is the future.
Plus I learnt that it is quite unnerving, having been walking down a very dark road for a long time aiming for Kidlington, to turn around and find that there is a sign behind you saying "Welcome to Kidlington" in the direction you’ve just come from.
:o) Thanks Sim. You know I wouldn’t spend a day off any other way…

2 Responses to “Thrupp”

  1. Unilliterate_Simon 05/11/2006 at 10:25 pm #

    did I tell you that the Manor House is apparently at a place called Hampton Gay? Not Thrupp at all…

  2. Simon 05/11/2006 at 10:25 pm #

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