The Administrator

31 Oct
I bet nobody ever imagined that by October I would be someone who organises people’s lives for a living, or the person called upon by those employers to sort out technological problems.
Life is full of surprises.
This afternoon I reached the dizzy heights of responsibility for setting up the room for the long-anticipated Forum for Medical Education on Professionalism. Oh yes. I’m practically a superhero. The flipchart was located in one deft movement. The tables were rearranged with the flair of an artist. All the challenges posed by a laptop, a data projector and a complicated extension cord were handled with barely a flinch. The handouts reached their destination in time, photocopied and stapled with an awe-inspiring air of precision. The tea and coffee people were sufficiently harassed to provide the tea and coffee on time – but no! What’s this? As the terribly important guests started arriving, the tea flask was found to be dysfunctional! This was Dangermel’s cue to whisk the flask away and run off around the labyrinthine corridors of the JR, push through the queue for the caterers and demand the missing part of the machinery be supplied post haste. This powderkeg of a situation disarmed, Dangermel hurried back and returned the tea to the now very thirsty, or coffee-drinking consultants. All went to plan, until one nefarious speaker brought their own computer instead of a disk, posing a technological problem too great for even Dangermel to resolve. That Arch-villain, The Projector, had a small triumph for some twenty minutes, while the hapless speaker had only their laptop screen for assistance in giving their presentation. This was made up for in other small triumps though, such as dramatically leaping from her seat on the table at the back and dashing to the aid of another speaker who desperately needed expert assistance to be rescued from the clutches of the last person’s powerpoint presentation. Dangermel was the only one in town who could press "escape" faster than a speeding bullet.
So tonight the world sleeps safe again thanks to that unstoppable team – The Administrators. We take Danger and Organise it. And have the photocopied paperwork to prove it.
And on top of all that excitement, I can now tell you all about how we are and should be teaching professionalism to medical students. My medical students aren’t going to know what hit em.

2 Responses to “The Administrator”

  1. James Edwards-Smallbone 02/11/2006 at 10:24 pm #

    Good work Dangermel! Ever alert for the call to action!
    All you need now is a catchy theme tune, preferably with a "neh neh neh neh neh neh neh neh" riff  in the middle, and we need never fear minor administrative chaos again!

  2. Unilliterate_Simon 05/11/2006 at 10:24 pm #


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