two of my favourite things

3 Nov
I love this weather! I believe I enthused about Oxford Novembers last year, but this one is just as beautiful. Freeeeezing, but beautiful. It would be even more beautiful viewed all day out of panoramic windows at the top of a turret…. oh well. This weather does make me miss it though.
Still, I trudged back up from town through South Park today to see if I could catch the sunset as I got to the top. Just me and the bike. I was a bit late, but as I finally turned round, there it was, some of the lights twinkling down in town, sillohettes of the spires and towers against the last bit of red and orange sky… picture perfect. I love this place. I love November.
Far too much psuedo-poetry has been scribbled about sitting in Nero’s, so I won’t add any more; but I will just say that today the place was packed, and the clientelle included Simon Ponsenby, several Wycliffe Bible students, a vicar in his dog collar, some theology students moaning about their essay on the crucifixion as they queued behind me for coffee (squeezing the pivotal point of the history of the universe and my own heart into 1500 words – or 1000 double spaced cos they wasted too much time on Facebook), an elderly gentleman flicking through a book about black holes as if it were a paperback novel, and a nun.
Make of that what you will. I’m not sure what I make of it, it just made me grin. Well, it always does.

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