Guy Fawkes

8 Nov
Okay I know this is a bit overdue but I’ve had no time to express my concern.
Along with the whole population of Oxford, I enjoyed the fireworks at South Park on Saturday. And the huuuge bonfire. And had the pleasure of being there in the company of some Americans who had not long been in Britain, who understandably asked what the whole thing was celebrating.
"A day 401 years ago when Parliament was almost, but not quite, blown up."
Of all the things that have happened in the history of Britain, it’s not really the most exciting, memorable, or worthy of an annual festival, is it?
Then it got more bizarre when the bonfire was lit and our American companions noticed – yes – the man on the top, whose trousers caught fire quite quickly. That’s right, the whole country brings their small children to a park to stand around and cheer as we burn an effigy of a 17th century Catholic terrorist.
Is it just me, or is that a bit weird? If anyone actually thought about this, wouldn’t it be quickly banned as being horrifically non-PC?
I’m not suggesting we ban it, by the way. I like going "oooh" at fireworks. Just thought I’d point it out. Though maybe we should quit burning the effigy. 

3 Responses to “Guy Fawkes”

  1. James Edwards-Smallbone 09/11/2006 at 10:24 pm #

    Hmmm, you’d almost think we still had something to learn from the aftermath of a terrorist plot in which the country was steeped in irrational paranoia and hatred based on religious leanings, leading to a shootout with the authorities in a london suburb, confession under torture of the alleged perpetrators and sentence passed after speedy show trial.

    Intrerestingly the second verse of "Remember, remember the fifth of November" is all about burning the Pope and for some reason choking him with cheese. And you wonder why they don’t teach that bit in schools!

  2. mel 10/11/2006 at 10:24 pm #

    yes, a historian told me that the other day (about the song I mean). That makes it even more worrying! I can’t believe we can get away with that with all the things we’re not allowed to even think nowadays…

  3. David 14/11/2006 at 10:24 pm #

    Of course we can get away with it and sooooo much more.  The indoctrination starts from an early age in this country.  Have you never watched a Tom and Jerry cartoon or the road runner and Wille Cayote.  Where do you think the inspiration for Itchy and Scratchy comes from.  Its wonderful how Kids TV sets an early example for kids.  The number of ways one can think of how to chop up, blow up or inflict damage on cute loveable furry bad guys.  Burning a loveable rogue on a bonfire is a drop in the ocean.  I don’t think Tom and Jerry have a song though involving choking with cheese although it would probably be more appropriate for them.

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