I’m the perfect age for my age

14 Nov
At least I’m still the youngest person in the Department of Primary Health Care. I’ll be really worried when I’m 24, since in my head that’s still the age I think my sister is. Even though she’s not, obviously. Hmm.
Thanks to those who braved the cold and proved once again that it is possible to light a barbecue in November. And thanks to all who provided a plethora of amazing puddings which… well actually probably won’t last all that long in this place. But it’s important to get a more unbalanced diet which is high on the chocolate cake, donut, banoffee pie and fizzy jelly elements.
I have a small, very weird collection of photos too.
I’d make some reflections on the past year and the year to come, but that wouldn’t be fun for anyone. Tis grace hath brough me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home. Only grace.
So in other news, today at lunchtime I came home to catch a squirrel in the act of gnawing on the fallen apples in our garden. Irrefutable proof that it hasn’t been Lou getting hungry in the night and taking bites out of them after all.

One Response to “I’m the perfect age for my age”

  1. James Edwards-Smallbone 15/11/2006 at 10:24 pm #

    Yay! Happy Birthday! I’ll be around at the weekend to have an Oxford Big Dinner ™, so see you then hopefully?

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