Ladies and Gentlemen, the amazing Wonderhamster!

15 Dec
Prior to living in this house, I was a bit scathing about hamsters. I was bitten by Russian KGB hamsters as a child and always thought they were a little annoying.
But now…
I have met the world’s most entertaining hamster.
Little B – our 5th housemate. She fights crime, expertly navigates her way around our house in her hamster ball like nothing I’ve ever seen, makes kamikaze leaps off high surfaces – and we discovered last night that she can fit THREE whole monkey nuts into her pouches. I think that is perhaps the funniest thing I’ve seen for about 3 months. She grabs them, immediately stuffs them in there and then walks around looking like she has some severe glandular problem. The best bit is if you then pick her up and shake her, you can hear the nuts rattling around inside.
Little B, you are a hero.
And you can’t read. Although, I wouldn’t be surprised…

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