A very odd Christmas

28 Dec
Merry Christmas one and all!
Currently I’m in Bristol, and I have to say, I think this might be one of the most random holidays I’ve ever had. (Apart from that road trip to Cornwall with the Village People in Kate’s mini, the Worst Witch, the Archers board game and Britain’s Most Southerly Rollercoaster. That will never be topped.)
Went to watch Portsmouth vs Sheffield Utd with Richard and my sister-in-law-in-law Rachel. Tamsyn stayed home and did lesson planning rather than come, I think rightly because it involved a whole selection of things she would have hated:
1) Having to wear 6 layers and 3 pairs of socks against the cold.
2) Having a pint in an extremely crowded pub.
3) Having a burger.
4) A lot of obscene chanting and shouting from every side.
5) A really, really poor trumpet-player.
6) Football.
So that was good fun, though I’m sure Bristol City fans always had slightly more creative and less vicious songs on the terraces. Or maybe I was just less passionate as a fan of neither team. I’ll stop there before Simon "I fail to see its appeal to the literate" Thomas gives me any abuse.
Then we had this weird grown-up-kids Christmas in Reading with just the 4 of us siblings. Which was a bit odd, kind of lost all my Christmas traditions along the way, missed a whole lot of people and my parents but was rather impressed by Tamsyn’s cooking, and it was still my Jesus’s birthday wherever the setting. And we managed not to bicker for quite a few days… more or less ;o) The weirdest thing about this though was that I had been recruited, thanks to my "pantomime horse experience", to play the vital role of Second Hump/Arse of the camel in a sketch at Tams’ church on Christmas day, which she couldn’t do, obviously, cos she was playing the donkey. I also ended up being told to put some more puns in the script – oh dear. So Christmas eve involved a camel rehearsal in the lounge. As you do. It went down quite well in the end. Just the sight of a pantomime camel wandering round got enough laughs on its own (as did Tamsyn making an ass of herself – aha ha ha). Anyway, I have now played the back end of one horse, two cows, and a camel, so I think I’m building up quite a good CV there.
Straight after this we went round to someone’s house for a random lunchtime cocktail party with about 100 people, at which some seriously strong cocktails were lavished on us and we were encouraged by an amazing pianist to sing the 12 days of Christmas with lots of percussion and actions. Then had lunch about 3:30.
Then spent Boxing Day visiting the village where they film the Vicar of Dibley, which I drove to in Rachel’s convertible with the roof down and the heater on full, admiring the country lanes and feeling a bit like Thelma and Louise though we really needed some headscarves.
Then I returned to Bristol just in time to celebrate the Feast of the Wigs with my schoolfriends. Right. I’m not sure there’s any way to convey the weirdness of this event to you and looking at photos will probably just severly scare you. But it was pretty weird. It’s nice to know that we can still all get together and look like Tina Turner, Goldie Hawn and Myra Hindley and enjoy eachothers’ company. I mean everyone does that from time to time, right? We also watched the 6th form panto which I now realise was the most RANDOM thing I’ve ever seen. I sat there and thought, wow, we were weirder than I realised. And then looked up at Ella wearing a long, green wig and thought – oh right. We still are.

2 Responses to “A very odd Christmas”

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    We love you Mel! Lx

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