Put all the rumours to bed

21 Jan
I ought to write something or other about my sojourn in hospital really, but my brain is still a bit too mashed to be witty about it yet. Although there was good entertainment on the ward, I could have made a sitcom about it. "Not now Bertha!" Heehee.  
What I have discovered are some rather wild rumours about what happened to me on Weds the 10th. So here I am setting the record straight.
1) No, it was not a hit and run. I was not "found in the street" by some passers-by. The rather freaked-out driver called me an ambulance.
2) No, my bike helmet is not in two pieces. It does have a crack all the way through, though, which I rather think would have been all the way through my skull without it. I knocked myself out on the windscreen.
3) No, my leg is not broken in 3 places. I don’t think so anyway. It’s broken in two places; broke both the knobbles off the top of my tibia, which is pretty inconvenient for the whole knee thing.
4) No, I am not traumatised and having flashbacks. This is because I have amnesia and have absolutely no recollection of what happened, which is quite nice.
I can’t really comment on anything else, cos the police haven’t got round to questioning anyone yet.
The last thing I remember was, after spending a nice day hanging round St Johns on Wednesday, cycling home about 5 and deciding to walk up Morrell Avenue because I am lazy. Then I thought I was asleep in bed having a dream about having a headache and looking for some paracetamol. I was rudely woken up from this by a lot of doctors asking me lots of questions, like "do you know what happened?"
"I was asleep, wasn’t I?" I believe was my rather confused response. Asleep on the tarmac, yes. Oh dear. Then I noticed they had cut my jeans up, and that I still had "soup" written on my hand. At that point I kind of thought this must not be a dream after all, though I still didn’t really believe that til my housemates arrived. Then about 6 hours passed in the space of 10 minutes, while they X-rayed me, stitched up one knee, plastered the other leg, gave me a lot of morphine, and asked me lots of other questions. I must have been a combination of quite accurate, explaining how to find the right people in my phone book and saying that my coat was from Primark so I didn’t really care that they’d cut it up, and speaking quite a lot of rubbish. I was very insistent that they get someone to pray with me and also remember praying quite loudly in English and other languages, which must have added to their consussion concerns…But really, when I thought there was a chance I might just die, Jesus really was the only relevant thing. And I’m not ashamed of that.
So sorry people, for being a silly girl and putting everyone through a bit of worry, but thankyou immensely for all your love and care, I was so well looked after and spoiled and lavished with attention and chocolate. I realise what a lot of wonderful friends I have. And thanks most of all for I think the most people praying for me ever, including loads of people I’ve never met. I know it’s making a difference – everything went so smoothly and quickly and I got out very fast. And it’s up to God what happens to me, and I think this time he said, just one leg, the rest of her belongs to me. It’s not quite time to go home yet.

5 Responses to “Put all the rumours to bed”

  1. Unilliterate_Simon 22/01/2007 at 10:24 pm #

    Hmm obviously traumatised enough to forget how to count to five.

    It is cruel of me to write this in reply to quite a nice blog entry, but… well, you were mean on my wall. So. :p

    love ya

  2. Unilliterate_Simon 22/01/2007 at 10:24 pm #

    oh, and I meant to say: Ska-girl.



  3. Unilliterate_Simon 22/01/2007 at 10:24 pm #

    la la la, we love mel, mel is great, la la la

    *must* go to the library

  4. mel 22/01/2007 at 10:24 pm #

    whoops, good point, I think I deleted one.
    Mean? Moi? :o) Sorry. You deserve an extremely large round of applause sweetheart and you know it xxx

  5. James Muscat 22/01/2007 at 10:24 pm #

    Yay for Mel blogging again!And yay for God, too. :-)

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