8 Feb
That is a very heavy-sounding title for a very pointless entry.
I haven’t written on here for ages – the reason being that my life for 3 weeks has consisted of sitting around the house and very little else. No dancing around bonfires, no lutes, no getting lost, and today particularly no sledging down South Park. But I’m trying not to be bitter about that. Lou did take pity on me and valiently heave my wheelchair down the garden path and get it buried in the drifts for a bit, and then throw snowballs at me (what kind of person throws snowballs at a defenceless cripple who can’t dodge?! Only kidding..), but it wasn’t a roaring success since the snow was deep enough to completely bury the wheels. The thing has all the manouverability of an arthritic shopping trolley at the best of times.
Anyway, I’m coming to realise that about some things in life it seems inevitable that I (and maybe all of us) will become a bit of a hypocrite. There are numerous things which, due to my own opinionated ranting and pride more than any moral objection, I swore I would never do. Use Facebook, for instance. Oh dear. Give it up, you sad, proud little girl. Another alarming one is that thing people who are in couples do which I absolutely hate: meddling in other people’s love lives. I used to think that this came out of some smug feeling of security which meant they didn’t care that raising the subject struck terror into your very soul, since they were now safe. Ha. Having become an annoying hypocrite here, I now realise that it’s actually because they have lost all the intruige from their own lives so have to get it vicariously through other people. They’re not being smug. Your lives are more exciting than theirs. Well, in that respect.
Oh well. It’s never bad to lose some pride, especially when I was being proud of Keeping My Principles.
At some point maybe I will write up some Oswald Chambers, or some pseudopoety, or maybe I’ll just keep all the stuff I’ve been reading and thinking between me and the big guy. It has in no means been a wasted few weeks, even if I didn’t go sledging. When I’m immobile God can finally get a word in edgeways. Ooh 8:30 – bedtime. No joke.

One Response to “hypocrisy”

  1. Joe Farrow 12/02/2007 at 10:24 pm #

    hi Mel,

    I’ve read the blog for a long time, and I was truely sorry to hear about you’re accident. I am just wanting to say that although you must be bored. I hope though that I can say at this point, from a reader of what you write, you are still quite interesting! But if you do get bored, read my ramblings…..

    I hope you don’t think you are forgotton.

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