Invisible Smile

13 Feb
I wanted to put words around something no alphabet could ever hem in.
A clumsy offering to describe the indescribable.
It’s a touch without hands.
It’s speech without words.
It’s your invisible smile,
and I feel it with my soul.
It’s as wide as the dazzling blue when I’m lying in the park.
There’s a glimpse of its beauty in a November sunset.
It’s there in the swell of the chorus, around words of truth.
It’s all around, and it’s inside of me.
My Lord, your invisible smile is directed my way
when I truly stop and look.
It feels like faithfulness,
unshakable promises,
and the great love of my life
who was, and is, and will always be here.
Time is an irrelevance, and this is home.
This is a wonderful handful of what is real, and here I am utterly myself.
Swept up into eternity for just a moment,
in your smile I see everything else spinning away,
and you and I like this forever.
My soul sings. And I smile back.
There’s no communicating this senseless touch, these silent words, this invisible smile.
I’m not sure why I’ve tried.
But in those instants I know for sure
You are simply all I live for.

2 Responses to “Invisible Smile”

  1. Joe Farrow 14/02/2007 at 10:24 pm #

    Sounds quite a remarkable comfort to anyone.

  2. mel 16/02/2007 at 10:24 pm #

    don’t believe everything the media tries to tell you about God. Ask him for yourself. I’ve found Christ brings him very, very near. I think he invented you firstly to know him (and secondly to make boats!), and life is pretty meaningless if you don’t live for what you were made for. Like never making boats but a lot, lot worse. A glimpse of what’s really real is amazing.

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