Daytime TV

15 Feb
The time is approaching for me to get back to work. This is apparent not primarily because of my healing leg, but because I have begun to watch daytime TV.
You know you’ve really hit rock bottom when your lunchtime and early afternoon consists of Neighbours, Doctors and Diagnosis Murder. I haven’t quite sunk to watching Dick Van Dyke and his amazing performing family in Diagnosis Murder yet, but it won’t be long. I quite enjoyed an episode of Doctors the other day. I have also found myself vaguely watching Bargain Hunt, and/or Loose Women. You are truly an unemployed housewife when you watch Loose Women. On the other hand, Bargain Hunt’s just not the same without the saviour of my third year psychology project, David Dickinson.
I was actually quite entertained the other day by that extremely crappy channel 5 quiz show "Brainteaser". It’s kind of like Countdown with a frontal lobotomy. It has what is perhaps TV’s easiest phone-in, where a word is chopped up into 4 bits and rearranged with devilish complexity. It’s always patently obvious what the word is. But they then give you a clue as well, just to help you along, and the woman stands there staring at the camera for a good ten minutes waiting for some genius to have a flash of inspiration and ring in. The other day, Sim, Dave and I could see what we assumed the word must be supposed to be, except that they had left too many Rs in the anagram for it to work. I came to two conclusions: either we were stupid enough not to be able to crack the Brainteaster phone-in, or they couldn’t spell.
The woman gave you two chances to call in. Clearly nobody did. On the third try, towards the end of the show, one of the Rs in the puzzle had subtly disappeared. That was about the most amusing thing to happen to me all day.
So yeah, time to go back to work.

3 Responses to “Daytime TV”

  1. Unilliterate_Simon 15/02/2007 at 10:24 pm #

    That was good times…

  2. Joe Farrow 15/02/2007 at 10:24 pm #

    LOL, i hate countdown, everyone around me gets words with stupidly large amounts of letters in. I’m then sitting there… and if I harvest every screed of energy inside my head, I come up with………. ‘jam’


  3. James Edwards-Smallbone 16/02/2007 at 10:24 pm #

    Daytime is the highlight of wondrous TV scheduling. I have to say though that the plots in DM (Diagnosis Murder for the uninitiated) have been getting rather far fetched of late. There was one the other day where Jesse was drugged and left in the wilderness by an evil pharmaceutical company for goodness sake! They must have new writers for this series (you can tell which series it is from the titles – or at least you can if you’re as dangerously obsessed as I am).

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