Standing up for myself

4 Mar
I am cream crackered and don’t know why on earth I’m doing this now because it will make no sense and I don’t know what to say anyway. If that doesn’t make you read on, nothing will.
Left someone else to have a chance at the pub quiz tonight.
Had the x-ray of truth this week, where they told me it was doing better than they had expected (d’you think maybe prayer actually works after all?!) so I’m allowed to put half my weight on it now. This means that added to my list of Exciting Things, just below wearing two shoes, is Standing Up on my own. The physio was very excited to give me some new exercises, and says that next week she might put me on the exercise bike. I reckon it’s quite unlikely that someone on the rowing machine will swerve across the carpet and knock me off, so I guess it should be safe. Maybe I’ll take my helmet though…
Have progressed from drinking coffee to using the printer at work, so I’m practically indispensible to office life again.. ahem.
Other than all that, have had a very good (if knackering) weekend. Jonny and Hanna finally made it up here yesterday and had a quite comically difficult time pushing me around the cobbled streets of Oxford. Was really great to see them and catch up properly, and to celebrate Steve’s birthday in a quiet but apt manner by praying together, drinking good coffee, and mocking me mercilessly. Was so him it was almost like he was there. But very like he wasn’t – he’d have done all of the above a lot better than we did. I’ve been pondering what happens when you kind of flippently, but oh-so-seriously, tell someone that you don’t know what you’d do without them, and then you find out. It’s a bit of a let down that there’s an answer to the question. Though when part of it is living off everything they ever taught you, you’re not really without them. All that stuff doesn’t just suddenly go away all at once – it doesn’t work like that. So it’s probably a pretty meaningless thing to say.
Ramble ramble… Was nice to see the Thomas twins today and get another strange insight into Thomas family life at the dinner table. There is no way I’m ever trying to get a wheelchair from Osney to Jericho in the rain again though. Insanity.

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